I’m Sonali, pronounced so-nah-lee - come to think of it, with this lazy kiwi accent I don’t even pronounce my own name correctly and end up sounding out a ‘suh’ rather than a ‘so’… this brings me onto my next point, I’m a twenty-five year old vegan, living in Wellington, New Zealand where I was born and bred. I haven’t managed to take a break yet so straight from university where I studied architecture and project management, I am now working in the construction industry as a project manager.

Why not start a blog I thought… could be fun to document my thoughts/opinions, the struggles I go through in my life that may seem relatable to others and any tips worth sharing, (to clarify, no this is not a ‘new year new me’ or ‘new year resolution’ blog). I’m thinking this blog will cover as mentioned in the tag line - all things vegan, fitness, food, health and lifestyle plus more. I’m a serious chatter so there will be plenty of content covered…

Note - you’ll see a store tab and ‘coming soon’ adjacent... I don’t yet have a date in place but watch this space as there will be more details to follow.

Hope whoever is reading this decides to follow along :)

peace and plants